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Rebecca Alexandru

is the daughter of Romanian immigrants. The culture she grew up influences her writing and world-building, especially in the aspect of food. Fulfilling her dreams of being an elementary school teacher and a wild boy mom, she is now focusing on writing books for children, middle Grade and Young Adults. She has published an article in an Alaska Womens magazine, along with writing skits and short inspirational stories for church retreats through the years. She lives in Alaska with her husband, three little musketeers and a horde of Lego dragons and dinosaurs. She’s discovered first hand Tolkien’s words ring true: “It's a dangerous business…going out your door…if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.”



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I am Marked: a blazing stain across my face; emotional scars ruining every moment of my life; nightmares that terrify me. But these are also my strengths. I can affect the feelings of those around me. Will it be enough to stop a war with the country that kidnapped me and save my outcast friends?

*       *       *

“Broken hearts are sadly common, but they can be mended. It’s the heartless that have no hope.”

*       *       *

A red birthmark stains Ada’s face, but her emotional scars run deeper. These fears come to life when she is kidnapped and sold as a slave in a foreign land. The prince discovers her plight, making promises and settling Ada’s heart but placing her in greater danger. Finding refuge in the Gard, a home for the disabled outcasts of the city, she befriends the few people who understand her struggle and can help her discover her worth. She can influence, even manipulate, the emotions of others. But her only hope lies in unraveling the secrets of a young general infamous for attacking her country.



I may be a monster, but kindness is always a choice.

 *       *       *

An amusing twist to the traditional Cinderella story, Monsterella shows that kindness is always a choice, even when one is born a monster. Monsterella’s one dream, as she does all the work for her step monster, is to see Castle Cave, where her parents met. With the help of her Fairy Godzilla, Monsterella gets sparkling glass claws and goes to the grand feast at Castle Cave. But while there, she comes across her step family and is ordered to serve them. Her mother’s advice: I may be a monster, but kindness is always a choice gives her strength to be kind and gains her the attention of the monster prince.

Monsterella is the first in a Monster Princess picture book series.

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When Eliejah Samuels discovers a magical orb grants him superpowers, it’s only through his friend Ollia’s influence he decides to become a superhero and not a super villain. With the perks of a space flying dragon, Liej and Ollia must tackle the challenges of the preteen life—building true friendship, mediating with bullies, learning which adults to trust, and strengthening natural talents. But there’s a catch to his newly discovered abilities: if he loses the small magic orb, or if someone steals it, he dies.




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